Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mustard-roasted Potatoes, anyone?

It's been raining the past few days. The good side of it is, it cools down the temperature, otherwise it can get rather unbearable here what with the high humidity.

The weather is beautiful today. Beautiful as in the sun is up, the sky is blue and today being Saturday. Saturday! Yes! I went to Old Town Petaling Jaya on a mission. This part of PJ is still a bit kampong (rural) and you can sometimes catch chickens picking food by the roadside.

I saw a scene that made me gasp. It was too faraway to be captured on film though. It was a flock of birds - three turkeys, a few hens and a dark, tall and handsome cockerel. What a sight. They were all hanging out together, something like a multi-ethnic group of human friends. Cool!

Back at home, online now, and the first link on Twitter brought me to this wonderful potato dish/snack. You know I don't review food here but I just can't resist posting this for you - easy-to-prepare mustard-roasted potatoes. I'm thinking great as a snack with a long cool drink or just vegging out in front of the tv. I'm posting the pictures here but you can go here for the recipe. Enjoy the day!


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Flock of birds with no breed divide :)

    I love potatoes and mustard..I think this recipe's a good and tasty one!


    ...with mustard?


  3. Yeah, that gathering was strictly...for the birds. LOL!


    MM, I know. I'm drooling too. Would sweet potatoes work just as well, I wonder.