Thursday, November 20, 2008

Web-hosting: How to Pick the Right Service

More and more people are going online, either for social reasons or for making a living. With the current downturn in the economy, an article I read the other day, says that with layoffs mounting, people are turning to the Internet to generate income.

Setting up a business online is not too difficult. The initial outlay is very minimal. There is no need of a physical office. One can operate from home off a personal computer or better still a laptop, the latter offering mobility and convenience. Perhaps a telephone line as well. The biggest investment is probably your time - time to do research, time to have site set up and other essentials.

An online business is for the long haul. The one single item that is needed is website hosting. You would want to make sure that you have a reliable website hosting company. Not just any web-hosting service but one that offers the best features available, such as unlimited space, unlimited traffic, at least one free domain for an indefinite time, and at the cheapest rate available. Shop around for the best package.


  1. If it's blogging for fun and not for runinng a business webiste. A free service from blogger is good enough already right? :)

  2. Exactly my thoughts, MB. Blog away..

  3. Website hosting providers offer a lot of space for your website especially if you predict immense growth in the near future. If your website may have a lot of files that tend to take up a lot of space then a professional website hosting company will be able to offer you that much more space.