Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving Day as celebrated in the western culture. Whether one celebrates this happy holiday or not, everyone has something to be thankful for.. Happy Thanksgiving!

It is sad that amid this air of festivity of thanksgiving, renewing family ties, turkey dinners and all, something like the terror attacks incident in Mumbai has to happen. CNN reported at least 85 dead and 200 wounded. However, as at this morning, the death toll has risen to 100 and the wounded, 314.

A TV station reported that terrorists have hit a fifth location--a hospital in addition to a train station. A van drove up and opened fire.

It was also reported that terrorists were rounding up US and UK passport-holders.

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  1. Yeah! read about it too. Damm scary. It's like terrorists are every where! =(

  2. Scary, it is. One never know where it's going to happen. A bunch of my friends are still going to India early December though Mumbai is not where they'll be heading.