Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Air Asia Strikes Again

In case you have not had the chance to read the headlines yet, and if you intend to travel second or early third quarter of next year, this piece of AirAsia news may be for you.

Air Asia is doing it again! They are offering 500,000 free seats with no fuel surcharge. Booking period is from today, Wed, until Sunday. Travel date for the free seats is from June 22 to Oct 24 next year.

In fact, all AirAsia and AirAsia X passengers will now no longer have to pay for the fuel surcharge for all local and international flights. However, should fuel prices increase in the future, the fuel surcharge would be reintroduced. Fuel surcharge can set a traveller back an average of RM47 per person, so there is some savings there.

Passengers would now only have to pay for the fare, airport tax and administration fee when flying with Air Asia, and, of course, the check-in baggage handling fee.

Talk about baggage, what's the biggest number of bags that you have ever checked in? Anything close to the number that Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, brought along on their 3-night visit to London? Between them, they had 20 bags.

But I digress. So, if travel is on your cards for next year, make it an AirAsia destination and book your free seat. You have until Sunday.


  1. Anonymous3:47 PM

    20 bags for a 3 night they carried entire wardrobe eh?

  2. It goes with the status and the lifestyle. Occupational hazard? I think not. It's more like occupational perks. Btw, did you know that the goody bags that celebs receive at events like the Academy Awards and such are now taxable? Oh yeah, because the goodies run into thousands of dollars.

    Interesting word verification:
    pergases -- reminds me of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology.

  3. Even though I'm a huge fan of Mariah, I won't follow her style of carrying 20 bags just for a 3 night stay! That's crazy!! The most I carry in any of my travels is 2 bags, never more than that!

  4. i know of friends who go up with 1 bag, and back with one empty one... haha! :)

  5. Foong, good for you! Sensible fan you are.

    QC, well... this is new to me. How's that? They dump their clothes?

    I have friends who bring an extra empty bag - for shopping. That's common (among ladies), I suppose.

  6. Yes QuaChee, I don't get that. How can you bring a bag and come back with an empty bag?

    I usually carry 2 bags and come back with 3! Cos I have one empty bag inside one of my bags.