Sunday, May 27, 2007

Do you need a supernatural boost?

I have always believed in the supernatural because I have reason to believe that we, Earthlings, are not alone in this Universe. Whether it's charms, sixth sense, the occult, communicating with a higher authority, seances, psychic powers - these are all real. Although I'm not for using these unseen powers for evil purposes, I have no objection if they are used to do good or to help someone out of an unfavorable situation.

Here in Malaysia, the older generation of the Taoist/Buddhist faith, usually consult the Chinese almanac before they embark on a major project such as moving house or choosing a date to get married. Some even go to temples to consult with a medium who goes into a state of trance in which the spirit of the temple deity would take over the medium's mind, body and soul. There would be a temple person doing the translation. To non-believers, they would say it's a hoax but the surprising thing is that these mediums would be able to reveal true information of the person's situation, family history, etc. As a child, I once was literally chased by a medium for some 50 meters. I'm not kidding, but that's for another post.

The East has its own methods to put things right, what about the West? Tarot card reading could be one of them. The East has mediums, would people with psychic powers be the equivalent in the West? There are love psychics who are able to provide honest and accurate readings. I read with interest that there is a team of Australian psychics who use their gifts to help with love and relationship issues and they promise that they provide a clear, accurate and honest psychic reading. Always!

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  1. zeroimpact12:09 PM

    There is no doubt that these exist in a way or another
    I guess its something we will not know for sure especially in this scientific era