Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stock up on phone batteries

Technology has made the world borderless. We can practically shop online from any store in the world, do banking online anywhere, call anyone wherever he is. Just yesterday, I called a colleague forgetting that he is on a holiday in Spain. Oops! When I called him, it was probably 3:00am in the morning over there. No wonder, he sounded grouchy. lol

The phone is a wonderful tool, no doubt, but what's not so wonderful is that you could be left holding on to a dead line when the battery is out, just like the other night when I was on the phone with someone in Penang when my cordless phone battery went flat.


  1. i need to stock up another phone charger...my cute puppy chewed up my one and only one!


  2. I agree. A chewed-up phone charger can be a safety hazard.