Saturday, May 26, 2007

Teak furniture as heirlooms

Of late, I've had the honour and pleasure of attending quite a number of house-warming parties. Each home is unique and elegant with its own level of cosiness. Each decor is fascinating and reflects the home-owners passions, for example one owner simply loves red so she has a chilli-red lounge set that is a great conversation piece. Another loves chandeliers, yet another places emphasis on the outdoors, the garden and patio where a lovely set of teak outdoor furniture sits invitingly.

Did you know that teak is hardy and lasts for years? They are so lasting that teak furniture can be passed through generatiions as heirlooms.


  1. My home office became more productive after I purchased new office furniture. I decided to use modular pieces to allow me to change the configuration. This way I can be more creative at work and at home.

  2. Teak wood is an extremely dense course grained hardwood used for thousands of years for ship building and furniture making.