Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Romance Novels and Kites

Romance novels. Okay, let's see a show of hands as to who reads romance novels. Do guys read romance novels or is it wrong for guys to read such novels? This was posed to listeners by the radio DJs this morning. I managed to catch two listeners who called in and gave their views.

The first, a lady, said there is absolutely nothing wrong with guys reading romance novels. The second, a gentleman, said the same thing and that he, his dad and his brother all read these novels and he went on to say that he uses the tips he picked up from them in his relationship with his wife.

Now, what do you think? Care to share your views?

Looking at the weather today, it's going to be yet another lovely sunny day. Yesterday was great too. As I stepped out of the office, the clearest of blue skies greeted me. These days, I enjoy looking up at the sky in the evenings the minute I step out of the office and yesterday's evening sky made me gasped with delight.

The blue sky was totally clear. Even the clouds cooperated by letting the clear blue sky take centre-stage for a change. Just as I looked up, a small grey and red plane was gliding by. My! What a lovely sight which I have not seen for a very, very long time. And then in the distance I saw a kite. It was just a simple white kite, nothing fanciful but it was such a delightful sight that brought back the old days of kite-flying and kite-chasing. (Yes, I was an outdoorsy girl-next-door.) I regretted I didn't have the camera with me then to document the FOs (flying objects).

By the way, did you know that kite-flying goes back a long way?


  1. I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with a guy reading Romance novels, except, personally I prefer the rush of the Thriller or the Horror novel.. For romantic tips, they are easier to absorb from glossy magazines..

    Blue skies.. how nice! I don't ever remember seeing a blue sky in Malaysia though.. hmmm... Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

  2. 'Lovely' sunny day? It was an uncomfortably hot day!

  3. LB, Glossy magazines...why do people buy glossy magazines?! For the gloss and adverts? hehe... I'm one of those suckers. *grin*

    Blue skies are not found in Starbucks, wor.

    KS, lovely sunny day best enjoyed in an aircond environment. lol

  4. I've never read a romance novel, and I've never felt inclined to try, but that doesn't mean I see anything wrong with guys doing so.

    Actually, romantic that I am, I actually take some heart from that. I know too many people that think love in general, not to mention romance, is passe.

  5. MM, interesting and sad that people should think that way. They must be disillusioned due to some not-so-pleasant experience.

  6. When I worked in a book store, one of my male coworkers read romance novels. Nothing wrong with that other than I don't think much of "fluff" novels (contrived plots that are easy to produce and have little value other than light entertainment) of any genre, and they come in all categories.