Sunday, May 13, 2007

The wonder of folding tables

While we are on the subject on blinds and furniture, I saw some folding tables that were used at a fundraiser recently. My colleague was on the organizing committee and I was there to give support. About the folding tables, I noticed they were really neat which reminded me of the mahjong tables which are also foldable and can be easily stored away. Folding tables are great in that they save space and are practical and versatile. They are also used here as prayer tables - to hold offerings.


  1. happy,
    wanna play mahjong?

  2. KS, you are kidding, right?

  3. happy,
    If you are a poor player, I am serious.

  4. KS, my skill (if you can call it that) is only good enough for family gatherings, but thanks for asking. Really.