Saturday, May 5, 2007

No exam life insurance

Life insuranfe is an important consideration in life but sadly not everyone values it as so. A girlfriend who is doing insurance parttime laments that it is not easy to convince her clients to sign up for something so important as life insurance. Her short of quota some months was in part due to her clients failing the medical test. She wishes that she's selling no exam life insurance, then her quota would be met more easily.

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  1. A no-exam life insurance could lead us through an easier sign-up process than we expect. So, it's truly important that we go through the life insurance documents very carefully while signing up.

    If we come across any clause that seems confusing, we must clarify our doubts immediately. We shouldn't be hiding anything from the underwriter, as it may lead our beneficiaries through a lot of hassles in the future. We may discuss all aspects of life insurance with our agent if necessary.