Monday, July 27, 2009

Most Citizens Concerned over High Crime Rate

There is never a day that goes by without the newspapers reporting a crime on the local scene. Is the crime rate in Malaysia on the rise? What do you think?

Our Home Ministry set up a poll on its website recently and the results are discouraging. The Star has the results as follows:

* The majority of Malaysians who responded to a poll say that they feel unsafe in the country at the moment. According to the Home Ministry’s website, as at 6pm yesterday, 97% of 6,678 respondents to its poll said they did not feel safe due to the high crime rate.

* More than half of the respondents formed this opinion because they or their family members were victims of crime while 36% of the respondents were influenced by news about crime.

* Only 1% said they felt safe while the remaining percentage were uncertain.

The poll started on Saturday is to gauge the public’s views on the level of safety in the country and the Government’s performance in safe-guarding the people’s safety and security.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein called on Malaysians to participate in the poll saying that he appreciated their views, comments and complaints.

Join in the poll and submit your feedback to for further action.

* On the level of safety in the country, 95% of 5,209 respondents felt that it was not guaranteed as compared to 3% who felt that it was still guaranteed.

* To a question whether the Government has done its best to ensure that the safety of the people was at the best level, 95% of 6,155 respondents replied in the negative.

* Only 2% felt that the Government has taken the necessary measures to ensure public safety.

* A total of 79% of 6,244 respondents also disagreed to a statement posted on the website that crime was a global issue and that Malaysia was not the only country faced with the increasing crime rate, while 17% others agreed to it.

Source: The Star


  1. I also feel unsafe walking on the streets even in the daytime! There are just too many crimes! How I wish Malaysia is like Singapore where it's so safe to walk around even at night!

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    It's a major concern over here. Strangely, I feel safer walking at night alone when I was a student in Australia but not over here.

  3. Foong, Mei Teng, I feel safe during the day but at night I'd be extra careful. I try to be mindful about my surroundings esp approaching motorbikes. Two things I do without fail.

    1. Hang on tightly to my bag.
    2. Lock the car the minute I get in.

    Most robberies are being conducted by foreigners. We are now paying the price for being too free with their entry.

    But then again, are there worse things elsewhere?

  4. When I went back to my hometown in 2005, my friends told me to be careful with this and be careful with that.

    It used to be very safe in Kuching. But nowadays people snatch handbags etc. I always wonder how am I suppose to carry my money without wallet/bag being seen. My pants don't have pockets. Maybe I should get pants with pockets huh?

  5. I think this crime rate increase affects every town, even the smaller ones. So sad, don't you think?