Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hazy Kuala Lumpur again

If you think you have blur vision, it may not be your vision but air quality in the country has indeed deteriorated today. Below is how Kuala Lumpur looks like. From my office, the Petronas Twin Towers are nowhere to be seen and colleagues are complaining of teary eyes due to the allergy.

According to New Straits Times, the Department of Environment statistics showed that as at 5pm yesterday, Teluk Intan registered the highest reading of 107 and Port Klang 91. These two places had registered readings of 35 and 87, respectively, at 11am.

Among the areas registering good readings in the later part of the day included those in Sarawak and Sabah. Kuching and Miri registered readings of 35 while Sarikei posted a reading of 36. Kota Kinabalu saw a reading of 38.

Areas that registered moderate readings in the later part of the day included Petaling Jaya 59, Shah Alam 62, Kajang 60, Kuala Selangor 59, Pasir Gudang 59, Malacca city centre 54, Kota Baru 53, Nilai 59 and Bintulu 58.

Air quality is good when the API reading is between 0 and 50, moderate (51-100), unhealthy (101-200), very unhealthy (201-300) and hazardous (above 300).

Source: New Straits Times


  1. Seriously? I think this is like the 10th time the haze returned in just this year? You guys should really move downunder - it's been raining heavily frequently and there's no sign of a haze at all. Weird?

  2. We have rain here too but the hotspots in Sumatra are far too many for the rain to cope with. We'll live, though a little choked up. *Cough*

    Yeah, maybe Johor Bahru is a good place to hibernate for a while.

  3. I could even smell the burning smell in the air! JL seems to be enjoying the clean air. No wonder Singapore does not complain as well. Too bad the wind blow all the haze to Klang Valley!

  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    wow thats bad!!

  5. haiz, it's like every year we have haze problem.. guess this year is the worst of all.. :(

  6. Foong, yeah lah, south-westerly winds so Singapore is spared. Lucky for Jim.

    Ken, it was and still is, even worse today. *cough*

    SK, probably travel guidebooks already have this 'phenomenon' inserted. At least we make the printers happy.

  7. we are immune to it already...

  8. Hi Zewt, yeah lor! But there are some people who still get sore and swollen eyes this time of the year. It's also like getting the whiff of barbecue almost every day. haha..