Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things Money Can Buy

A burger is just like any other burger. Right? Not quite.

Look again. This Burger, though nothing to rave about aesthetically, comes with a price tag of US$200 which makes it the world's most expensive burger which can be found at a Burger King in London, England.

What makes it so pricey? The ingredients include Wagyu Beef, White Truffle, Iranian Saffron & white truffle dusted bun, Pata Negra Slices, Cristal Champagne onion Straws, 25-year-old Balsamic vinegar, Lambs lettuce, Pink Himalayan rock salt, and Hollandaise shallot mayonnaise.

Alright, if you would like to part with a bigger amount, how about this black watermelon?

According to Time magazine, this Densuke Black Watermelon, priced at US$6,100 is
grown only in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. It is on sale at Isetan, a department store in Tokyo. A 17-pound was sold at record price to a marine products dealer who wanted to support local agriculture.

Of course there are other things money can buy, like this 1935 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara Spyder going for the price tag of US$1,098,447. It is a classic sports car, once owned by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini which was bought by a private buyer - a record price for that model.

However, if it's property you are looking for to spend your billions, how about one of these apartments in Hong Kong..

Penthouse at The Arch
Price Tag: $28,800,000
A Hong Kong luxury 5,497-square-foot flat in The Arch, is considered to be the most expensive apartment per square foot in Asia. The 80th floor penthouse boasts a private swimming pool and a jaw-dropping view of Victoria Harbour.

Ahh.... la dolce vita..


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I know I wouldn't pay USD200 for that burger that will be consumed today and fully digested the next day!

    I don't believe in such extravagant spending.

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  3. Before I even read about the burger I guessed it might have truffle in it haha! I never tasted truffle, wondering if it is over rated at all. Does it taste/smell that good?

    I won't want to live on the 80th floor. Scare the hell out of me! Is that price in USD too? I saw properties in Monte-Carlo those mansions at EUR60 Million though. Buying a palace LOL.

  4. The burger itself is ridiculously expensive. haha :D US$200? OMG! I can eat like 20 sets of the normal BK burgers. :D

  5. Mei Teng, yeah, most of us will not go to that extent but then again 'extravagant' is subjective like a lot of others. No?

    Ai Shiang, beats me but like caviar, truffle is a prized food item. Not the whole truffle is consumed at one time but only a few shavings of it. I once saw a documentary that shows dogs being used to locate them. Interesting..

    Tekkaus, who knows, one day you may find that burger something your money could buy. Eh?

  6. I don't think I'll enjoy THAT burger at all. It will knock off my poor teeth 'coz it's eating GOLD !!!
    Give me the simple life. I have so amny other ways to spend the money:)

  7. Haha.. So true. I wonder if any of that burger has been sold.

  8. Wow that building looks insane. Must be a brilliant view though.

  9. Hi Evl, looks kinda robotic, eh?

    Ai Shiang, 80th floor? Knees would be wobbling up there. Just don't look out the window. LOL!

    Yes, they are in USD. I don't need a mansion. Just a cosy little love nest. ;)

  10. Hahah! Absolutely right. The bigger the place the harder it is to keep clean.

    At first those people used pigs to find truffle, not a good choice. The pigs would eat all the truffles found. So, these people use dogs instead.

    Not sure about all these over-rated very european dishes, I would prefer good chinese style dishes - like roast duck, or just laksa, roti canai will definitely make me a very happy girl! :o)