Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Malaysia Made Top 10

10. Mexico
9. Switzerland
8. Spain
7. Malaysia
6. Italy
5. Poland
4. China
3. Russia
2. Brazil
1. Greece

Make a guess. What do you think these ten countries have in common? A mish-mash of countries big and small, European and Asian.. Haven't the faintest idea?

These countries top the list of Horniest Countries. Yep! Malaysia made the cut. Oh boy!


  1. What?! Really? Should Malaysians be proud? : )

  2. Btw, how they come out with the result?

    Oh, I'm definitely watching MC performing at MJ memorial show! Probably she'll be singing MJ's "I'll Be There" : )

  3. Hahaha :D I have blogged about this some time ago. Yeah! Malaysia is sure damn horny! Perhaps...through the hits on porno sites? Who knows... :P

  4. Oh yes, I think I've read about it on your blog, Tekkaus! No wonder I had a dejavu feeling about this post.

    Btw, happysurfer, I'm now watching MJ memorial service. Mariah just gave a superb performance with Trey Lorenz although I think she had some problems with her upper register. And I think she has put on some weight, hasn't she?

  5. Not surprising. Tongkat Ali is such a hot item here...

  6. Foong, proud? Heck, NO!!
    No idea what's the criteria.

    Tekkaus, you did? I must have missed it.

    KS, yeah lah, Teh tarik Tongkat Ali too. tsk tsk!