Sunday, July 26, 2009

Theme Parks

When was the last time you went to an amusement park? It was so long ago, I don't remember when. Coming across the following pictures brought back some fond childhood memories, not that I was keen on those rides. On the contrary, I just enjoyed watching people on them though not envying their position. The games stalls were my favourite hangouts.

Even though there is no amusement or theme park here as huge or as exciting as Disneyland or Disney World or even Six Flags, what we have here are equally a real treat for kids and the kids-at-heart.

Sunway Lagoon tops the list of theme parks here in Malaysia. Opened in April 1993, Sunway Lagoon is Malaysia's Premier Theme Park and has become the most visited tourist destination in the country. An entire day can be spent on this sprawling fun-filled theme park that comprises three major themed lands, each boasting its own exciting attractions. If surfing is your thing, indulge in your favorite sport at the World’s Largest Man-Made Surf Beach, backed by the World’s Largest Wave Churning Machine which is capable of churning out perfectly shaped waves up to a height of 8 feet!

Another thrills and spills park is the Cosmo's World Theme Park, smack in the city center located inside Berjaya Times Square, the largest mall in Malaysia. This theme park is the largest indoor theme park in the country and offers a 7-storey high roller-coaster. Located along Jalan Imbi (Imbi Road), Berjaya Times Square is easily accessible.

Another indoor amusement center in KL is the one inside The Mall - Putra Place Complex, a walking distance away from the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC).

Of course, one mustn't forget the theme park uphill at Genting Highlands so aptly named City of Entertainment. While adults try their hand at the Gentings casino, kids can enjoy themselves at the theme park.

Wheeee......! Would you try this ride?

Ah... Maybe this is more like it. This Ferris wheel ride may not be as exhilarating as a ride up on the Eye of Malaysia, it can be just as exciting or maybe scary for some of us.

A train-ride would be nice to see the entire park. I remember getting on one of these at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Haven't tried the train at our National Zoo though.

By the way, can you tell what park this is? The picture below is a clue.. Come on, surely you must have seen this picture lately.

One more clue..

Here's the answer...

Michael Jackson's Neverland, of course.

View more pictures of Neverland.


  1. The first one looks like Genting's ride aye.Haha :D

  2. Yeah? I haven't been up to the Gentings theme park in a while so I've forgotten what rides are in there. Maybe I should re-acquaint myself. When was the last time you were there, Tekkaus?

  3. I love theme parks. I LOVE those freakin' thrilling rides and swing 360 degree and plunge! :o)

    The last time I went was back in 2006.

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I haven't been to a theme park in ages. But I visited the one in Sunway Lagoon...and it was terribly disappointing.

    Love the first pic of the rides.

  5. Wow, Ai Shiang, you are one brave lass! I'll just watch you from afar with my feet firmly planted on the ground. LOL!

  6. Mei Teng, that bad, huh? So sad. Surely they must continue to upkeep the place if they want to stay in business.

    The picture, doesn't that structure remind you of a giant baby rattler?

  7. I think I will be dragging you along *LOL!

    I recalled one time I went with my in-laws. I didn't want to tell them the ride was going to be scary. They can't see it from the outside (as the ride is all dark inside). I was so mean that I said it's just a gentle ride. Mom-in-laws ended up yelling all the way, dad-in-law laughed till he had tears and so did my husband. well, everyone came out feeling so happy! Thanks to me being naughty. *LOL

  8. Gosh! You did that? That must have been one memorable ride for your MIL and everyone else.

    Stay away from me!

  9. The ride with swings was my favorite every year at the Maui Fair. It felt like flying, not scary to me at all.

    Don't think I would've liked Neverland though.

  10. PandaB, OMGoodness! I pass.