Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Water-saving Dual Flush System

Global-warming has caused serious iceberg and glacier melting at the Poles. Logically, this would translate to increased water for the world, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, it does not. In fact, more and more countries are experiencing drought and crop devastation which in turn translates to shortage of food for many. Many countries do not have running water.

Water is an important resource which most of us take for granted. Perhaps it is time that we pay attention to conserving water and finding ways to minimise usage as best we know how.

A good place to start is our toilets. There is now a toilet design that can help all households save water, saving household expenses in the process. Statistics indicate that we may be able to save a whole swimming pool of water each year with this new dual flush toilet system.

How this dual flush toilet system works in saving water is that there is a choice to activate either a rinse flush or a full flush. No need to buy a new toilet flush system because the existing toilet can be installed with the valve. SelectAFlush dual flush conversion kit fits most existing two piece toilets. The dual flush conversion kit will convert your toilet into a dual flush enhancing the performance of your current toilet for a fraction of the price of a new dual flush toilet. Saving water and saving money in the process is never easier.


  1. Dual-flush system? This is new. I have never heard of it. Nonetheless this is a novel innovation. It could help save lots of water aye. ;)

  2. It's practically unheard of here in Malaysia. Imagine the amount of water this dual flush system will save nationwide or even worldwide?

  3. We have this in Japan. Trouble is, even after 4 years, I always forget which is which, and so half the time end up having to flush twice, which actually wastes water.

    They should change the kanji for a graphic as shown in your post so users don't have to read it and dummies like me can easily determine which way to turn the lever.

  4. See why I have such high regard for Japan? Malaysia needs to have this. Must have!

    LOL on having to flush twice. Yeah, easier to read pictures. Even Engrish works better, eh? Oops!