Friday, July 31, 2009

Ashton Kutcher has 3 Million Followers!

Some updates on some celebs, if you are interested, that is. No wait, don't go away. It's got news on Harry Potter. Now we're talking. This video is from Ashton Kutcher's site. By the way, he's got more than 3 million followers on Twitter. Incidentally, when I checked in on him, the counter read 3,003,000. Gosh! What does one do with that many followers? Oh well, it's only a number. Right? Right?!! Enjoy the video..

It's Friday and I lurvvvvvve Fridays!!


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

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  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. David Cook coming by anytime soon?

  3. i like the heniken beer ads.. about the girls screaming over a walk in closet and then the guys over a cold room of beers.

    have u watch it.?

  4. Robin, that sure is a fun ad. This one, right?