Friday, July 3, 2009

Detoxification Can Improve Health

A colleague's greengrocer must have seen a spike in his business lately. Julie has been buying green apples by the cartons for herself, her family and other co-workers for a detoxification regimen that they embarked on.

The week-long colon-cleansing exercise involves eating four apples daily (or the equivalent amount in juice form) and at the end of the week, to also include a cup of olive oil and epson salt (I think). I'm hearing mixed results after the exercise.

Have you heard of this method of detoxification? I would rather go for colon cleansers that have gone through proper lab-testing that can really help me detoxify my body. By the way, did you know that detoxification can help one lose weight, eliminate acne and generally improve one's health?


  1. It's good to detoxify for good health. Eating fruits can also help to detoxify : )

  2. Yeah! Nowadays a lot of people is going for detoxification either through food or supplements. :D

  3. But to drink Olive oil.....yucks.... :P I can't do it.

  4. Watched some videos on colon cleansing before.. scary!

  5. Foong, and plenty of water helps too.

    Tekkaus, olive oil is not as bad as drinking epson salt solution. I actually wanted to try the colon-cleaning exercise with the apples and started reading the to do's. Changed my mind immediately when I came to the epson salt part. Coward me. LOL! I suppose taking supplements is a lot easier.

    Joe, I can imagine. How are you? Great to have you visit again.