Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating July 4

Does this picture ring a bell? Did you use to do that? Back in the days when firecrackers were allowed to be fired here, (yes, firecrackers are an illegal item in Malaysia now) lots of children, the more daring ones, would get a blast from this blasting. LOL!

Of course, the even more daring ones would fire up their own home-made canons and in the process would sometimes end up losing a finger or two. I won't go into losing other parts.

Back to the picture, this is a picture from LIFE magazine showing Youngsters in Dallas Texas Blasting a Tin Can back in 1955 celebrating July 4. Now doesn't this take some of us down memory lane?

If you are interested, here is LIFE magazine's gallery of Life on July 4 in some of the earlier years.

By the way, this year, US celebrated its 233rd anniversary of Independence Day - with barbecues, live music and other festivities.

In Washington, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle invited some 1,200 military families for evening Independence Day celebrations at the White House.

The first family's backyard bash, complete with red, white and blue celebratory bunting, was also a celebration of the 11th birthday of the Obama's oldest daughter Malia, who sported an American flag painted on her right cheek.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Wow..blasting tin can's pretty dangerous!

    Gone are those days of fireworks during CNY. I played so much :)

  2. I used to play firecrackers when I was small during CNY! It's the most fun time for me besides the food of course!

    But never made my own fireworks from tin cans - my parents would surely disallowed it! : )

  3. Mei Teng, not as dangerous as those home-made 'bombs' during Hari Raya. The can just gets blasted up into the air and lands back down again. Kids find that thrilling, I guess.

    Foong, not my cup of tea though. I think firecrackers are usually boys' domain. No?