Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is Back

If you need to buy or replace a big-ticket item, there is no better time than now. Yes, the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is back and promises to be yet another grand shopping fiesta with discounts as much as 70%.

This year's Mega Sale is from July 4 to August 31, two whole months of shopping till you drop. I haven't gone downtown to the shopping district of the Golden Triangle Bukit Bintang area yet so I'm not sure whether the malls and streets are still as crowded as they used to be as in previous years.

More and more people these days prefer to shop online. Online shopping deals are available all year round. Online or armchair shopping provides one the luxury of shopping without even having to leave home. It works great for people living far away from town. Online shopping further adds to savings where gas, time, and parking are concerned. Another advantage of shopping online is the ease of comparison shopping whereby you have the chance to make comparisons and buy from the best site.

To add further savings, one can shop at sites that provide cash back rebates. How this works is that when you shop at these sites, they share with you the commission they receive from the vendor. It is something like earning money the same time you are spending it. Nice. Extrabux is one such shopping site and you registration is free.


  1. I can imagine a lot of people flocking shopping malls trying to get "cheap" stuff! LOL :P

  2. This would be a great time to shop for something one really needs. It's also a great time to shop for Hari Raya and Chinese New Year perhaps? Come on up to KL. You will love the shopping, not to mention the sights and sounds of bustling KL.

    We've got a new attraction in town. It's a biggest-in-Malaysia crystal fountain at The Pavilion. You can throw in a coin and make a wish a la the fountain in Rome and other parts of the world. Eh?

  3. Maybe the best way to beat the parking problem is to catch the train. I like taking trains, more relaxing. Looking to buy something for yourself there?

  4. Ai Shiang, yeah, trains offer some parking relief though not too practical if there are bags and bags to hang on to. Over here, to beat the parking problem, be early.

    Looking to buy something for myself? LOL! Confession: There's always something to buy for myself.. ;)

  5. Anonymous7:23 PM

    haha time for shopping! =D


  6. Oh! I just had a post on shopping on my blog! Haha! Yeah, time for shopping. Maybe can start shopping for Christmas : )