Thursday, December 30, 2004


Sex and the City - what is it that makes it so popular, so mesmerising about this series? I just saw the last two episodes last night and wish it hasn't come to an end. Sad but glad that fresh insights have been gained and much enjoyment derived. What I like about the series is that it portrays life as it is - no put-ons, no farce, not to mention the great lines - so refreshingly real-to-life.

Fashion is the keyword, of course. Clothes that shout 'dare to be different and bold'; shoes that defy ankle sprains and bunions. Ah well, everything has a price.

Paris, not that I've been there, is so beautiful - more so during the day. From what I understand from last night's show of course.

Well, I truly enjoyed the last two episodes last night and probably in part due to the happy ending for all.


  1. The series is just so relatable. Everyone has a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte in their lives...sometimes not always in one person, but there are attributes in each of those women that are specific enough to make you think, "Wow, I'm making a connection with those characters!" but general enough to make everyone capable of relating. The show is an episodic masterpiece!

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  3. 30 dec...6 days after i married see.

    ...let me enter the women's psyche, this show. glad u like it. the other series i like is ally mcbeal.

    no pic ah!! surfing hi & lo here but no pic le...

  4. Roonie, what you're saying is so true. We could identify with one of them or even to all of them at different points of our life.

    See fei, oh, you liked it too? You're right, the show lets male viewers into the psyche of women and for women, the psyche of women in the West. I wish they'd rescreen the series. That'll be a real treat for fans - me included.

    I enjoyed 'Ally McBeal' too. Loved it that each episode ended with Vonda Shepherd singing a great number. Wish they'd rescreen this too. Hoping....

    No pic - camera-shy lah. :)