Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Frolics - What Picnic Food Are You?

We have a food quiz this week, something relating to Picnic food. When's the last time you had a picnic? Take this fun quiz and see what it says about you.

Today's a solemn day for Malaysia as 20 of the 43 Malaysians who perished on Malaysia Airlines MH17 on July 17, arrived at KLIA last night from Amsterdam, two more will make it home on Sunday.

You Are a Hot Dog

You are a natural leader, and you like to take charge in order to make sure things are done properly.

You have a ton of self confidence, and you encourage others to aim higher. You like to do everything well.

You are ambitious, but it's easy to be for you. You know that most tasks aren't as daunting as they seem.

While you like to lead, you don't talk much about it. You set an example and let others notice what you are doing.

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  1. i am a SANDWICH!!

    I am inventive and innovative, especially when I push past the surface. I am constantly changing things up. I tend to be very indecisive, and I don't like to choose between just a few options. I'll have one of everything. I am a complex person, and I don't mind if I contradict myself. I contain multitudes. I am open to trying new things, and I am the type most likely to be a foodie. I love making new discoveries.

    very true about myself, except the foodie part, haha!!

  2. Bananaz is wine & cheeze..tQ yammmmmseng

    You do well at parties, probably better than you realize. You sense a vibe and go with it.
    You are a great conversationalist, and you can talk to almost anyone. You ask the right questions.

    You also know when the time is to sit back and observe. You don't pressure yourself to be social.
    You are adaptable and curious. You don't understand how people get bored in this world - everything is interesting to you.

  3. I'm Apples+Peanut Butter

    You are innocent, happy, and delighted by the world around you. You are content to keep things simple.
    I think this is true.

    You love to take care of those around you, and you are a natural sharer. Life is more fun with people you care about.
    False, I like to be taken care of.. Haha..