Friday, May 13, 2016

Would I do the A to Z Challenge again?

Well, that sure was fun (and challenging at the same time), the A to Z Challenge, that is.

After a month-long journey of blogging daily what did I learn on reflection?

Firstly, it got my blogging back to a more regular tempo, which is good. I hope to maintain that.

The Challenge increased blog traffic some and received a number of comments. Thank you, dear bloggers. I visited these blogs and others but didn't leave/have not left comments. One of the reasons being some required signing in, those on Wordpress which...

This is my first year and I only found out about it just about a week before the list closed. So it took some thinking as to what to write for some letters. The next time it will be different with 11 months to work on it until the next challenge. Got a couple of themes in mind already actually.

Learned new things every day from the blogs. Wish I had more time to visit more and leaving comments. But then again will now be able to do so with the rush being over.

For easy reference or if you are interested below is my list of the A to Z posts - all 26 of them in April.

April - Blogging From A to Z Challenge (April 2016...
Best Airlines in the World
Chestnuts they are a-roasting
Dengue treatment, not!
Explosion at Mid Valley Megamall in KL
Food Forests
Genting Highlands - The City of Entertainment
H is for Haze
Inter-monsoon season is here
J is for John Lennon
K is for Kuala Lumpur of course!
Longevitology or the Study of long life
M is for Mid-way of the A-to-Z Challenge
Nuan Nuan, the new baby Panda born in Malaysia
Orange - quickest way to peel an orange
Protect Your Child
Quizzes for Fun
Rain, please!
Sad day..
T for Top Ten
U is for the Unseen
V is for Vegetables
W is for Watermelon, Water, Waterloo
X is for X-factor
Y is for You
Z is for Zzzzz's and Zucchini recipes

I would encourage everyone to join in next year. April is the month.


  1. wah a to z post in a month ah.... now i feel so lazy to blog...need motivation

    1. Yeah, I survived. Good experience no doubt. Join me next year?