Monday, April 11, 2005

Road rage do's and don'ts

This was received from someone who is in the security
line of work and thought it'd be good to share.

These practices and tips can be used to avoid becoming
a victim of road rage. Please share with your friends
and family:

* Avoid eye contact and if you need to use your horn,
do it sparingly

* Get out of the way. Even if the other guy is speeding,
it's safest to not make a point by staying in your lane.

* If someone is following you after an on-the-road encounter,
drive to a public place or the nearest police station.

* Keep your doors and windows locked at all times.

* If you are involved in an accident notify the police

* It's a good idea to carry a cell phone in your car,
making it possible for you to call for help for
yourself or someone else.

* Most of the violent incidents occur late at night.
Use prudence when planning your night out and try to
return home at a reasonable hour.

* Never fully roll down your window to talk to a
stranger. If required, roll the window down only
enough to be heard.

* Do not stop to aid disabled motorists. Telephone for
help instead.

* If you are in need of help, make sure you have police
emergency numbers available at all times.

The tips are not meant to cover every single situation
that you may face. Each situation is different and you
must use your judgment on what the appropriate action
should be.

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