Thursday, May 19, 2005

How to make natural jewelry

How would you like to try yr hand at making yr own jewelry?
The article below will show you how.

Au Natural Jewelry is all about using natural material
like wood, natural fibers and shells where possible.
The look is relaxed. Rather informal. Very spontaneous.

With just some colorful wooden beads, string for crotchet
or whatever fibers or strings you can get your hands on
and a pair of ear hooks from the hobby store, you can make
a simple pair of wooden earrings.

1. Tie the string firmly to the bottom bead.

2. Use a needle. Thread the string through smaller beads
and through the loop of the ear hook.

3. Tie a dead knot to secure the beads to the hook.

4. Use the needle to thread the string back through the
beads, tie another dead knot and snip off the excess string.
Add 1 drop of superglue in the bead to secure the thread.

It is easier to make natural bead bracelets. Use the elastic
used in dress making and a needle with a very large eye for

Thread the elastic through the beads, enough to go around
the wrist with and extra bead or two for allowance, then tie
a dead knot and hide the ends of the elastic back through the

Personally, I feel that Au Natural jewelry is the easiest to
make. Maybe because that is how I started.

I even loved making all shell earrings. For those, you need
shells with holes drilled through them.

No drill?

No problem.

When I went for beach vacations, the locals would often
sell shell necklaces very cheaply. Those shells have the
necessary holes in them.

I would buy lots of those, cut them up and make beautiful
shell earrings make with wooden beads.

With jewelry making a dash of creativity and whatever you
can get your hands on is all you ever need.

For the full article and for tips on how to make a shell
pendant, check out Jewelry.

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  1. Making jewelery for our self will be an interesting experience as we know what we like and using natural material is yet another a great idea. I will try this wooden earrings and hope I will succeed in making a nice one.