Thursday, June 9, 2005

Fraser's Hill misadventure

Glad to know that the boys who were missing on Fraser's Hill
have been found. I remember an incident from schooldays when
on a school excursion to the waterfall at Gunung Ledang, we
were all lost and it was raining and we were wet even with
raincoats and umbrellas. We arrived early by bus and went
round and round in the rubber estate. We simply couldn't
reach the waterfall even though the whistling of the water
was so clear. A guide was unheard of those days.

Tired, lost and hungry we decided to have our breakfast.
Luckily we found the waterfall. Strange, we didn't think
about offloading our bladder because not sure whether it's
true, there's a belief that when one is lost in a jungle,
one just has to lighten the bladder and one could get back
on track.

I haven't been back there since. Heard it's been developed
into a holiday destination.

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