Tuesday, July 21, 2009

View Live Webcast of the Solar Eclipse Tomorrow

We may be advised not to be exposed to the eclipse tomorrow morning, all is not lost however. For those who would like to watch the eclipse, you will be able to view the live webcasts of the eclipse through these two websites:

www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse/2009/index.html, www.saros.org/index.html.

Read article from The Star:

KUALA LUMPUR: This century’s longest total solar eclipse can be observed as a partial solar eclipse in Malaysia between 8:23am and 9:48am on Wednesday.

However, it would be difficult to view the phenomenon with naked eyes as only 17.8% of the sun would be obscured by the moon, head of Angkasa space science research unit Mhd Fairos Asillam said.

The northern part of Peninsular Malaysia would be the best place to observe the eclipse, he said in a statement.

The total solar eclipse, which would last for six minutes and 39 seconds, would pass through Ryuku Islands in Japan and through the Pacific Ocean, he said.

Mhd Fairos said the moon’s umbral shadow would begin covering India and then Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China.

Mhd Fairos said Angkasa, the national space agency, would sent three officers to carry our research and take data as well as images of the eclipse in Jinshan, Shanghai, China.

Several groups would also carry out expeditions in China, among them University of Malaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysian Islamic Development Department, Malaysian Syarie Astronomy Association, Stargazer Scientific and Falak Online, he said.

Malaysians would be able view the live webcasts of the eclipse through the websites www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse/2009/index.html, www.saros.org/index.html and www.eclipsetv.com.

Malaysians would be able to observe a partial solar eclipse on Jan 15, 2010, March 9, 2016 and Dec 26, 2019, he said. -- Bernama

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  1. Yeah! We couldn't watch it. Shame! Shame! But then again it could be blessing in disguise right? ;P

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Can still view on the websites!

  3. Tekkaus, do you normally take the trouble to watch eclipses? I normally miss them (mostly unintentional) so this one is no exception. Maybe for the better, eh?

    Mei Teng, did you?

  4. I didn't watch online. Who knows the bad vibes might travel via the internet and enter our homes? hahaha!

  5. LOL! Foong, you are so imaginative.

  6. i remember a solar eclipse that happened years ago and it was viewable in Malaysia. Mum cut out film strips for us to view the eclipse! =) my sisters and i were still young, and we got bored after a while, but it was an eclipse that lasted for quite a while apparently (according to mum). i think i still have a slight memory as to how it looked like... well, she ended up being the one enjoying the view. teehee.

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