Saturday, May 17, 2014

Is there a Bigfoot in Malaysia?

We have heard of Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings in the U.S. but is one here in Malaysia too? Some people think so as footprints such as those made by a huge person have been spotted in Johore. Accompanying them are also tiger and elephant paw prints.

Take a look..

The article in The Star today indicates that the trail of the muddy footprints stretched close to 1km near the Endau Rompin forest reserve in the southern state of Johore - just across from Singapore.

A group of friends from Singapore decided to follow the tracks for more than 1km on May 10. What baffled the group further was that the “Bigfoot” tracks were accompanied by those of an elephant and a tiger. The group took countless pictures and even measured the large footprints, which were about 48cm long and 11cm wide.

However, "State Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) director Hasnan Yusop said a team of officers conducted checks on the footprints and concluded that they probably belonged to an elephant.

“This could be a sluggish elephant which dragged its feet as it walked, resulting in an elongated print,” he said.

Referring to the prints of the elephant and tiger, Hasnan said the animals need not necessarily have been travelling together but could have used the same paths at different times.

The last time a supposed “Bigfoot” made the news was in 2005 when a group of workers claimed to have seen a huge furry creature in Kampung Mawai, Kota Tinggi.

The workers tried to pursue the creature but lost track of it.

They too reported discovering huge footprints measuring between 40cm and 50cm in the mud.

Johor Malaysia Nature Society chairman Vincent Chow said he received news of the “Bigfoot” prints the day it occurred, adding that it was quite impossible to be a prank because the footprints went on for more than 1km.

“It could be an upright bipedal primate that has yet to be discovered,” he said, adding that there had been many sightings of these footprints, especially by the locals, but the authorities often did not take them seriously."
- The Star

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  1. yeah, probably just elephants as they have big feet too right?? :)

  2. Frankly, I'm secretly hoping that Bigfoot left those prints. Who knows! I sure am looking forward to more news about this. I'm also looking out for news about the 'treasure' on Pulau Nangka off the coast of Malacca. News on Kota Gelanggi in Johore is also on my list.

  3. I wonder how "Malaysian Bigfoot" looks like, if there is one.. I've seen the "US Bigfoot" (from TV shows and documentaries), hehe..