Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Frolics - What Color Bug Are You?

Time really flies, and you better believe it. It's Friday again and time for yet another round of Friday frolicking with a simple and fun personality quiz each week.

Enjoy this week's quiz, it's about the Buggy. Take the quiz to find out what color Bug are you. Have fun!

HappySurfer Is a Pink Bug

You are an imaginative and whimsical person. You're living on your own planet, and what a glorious planet it is!

You have a totally magnetic personality, and you are definitely a bit of a flirt.

You are playful and lighthearted. You try not to take life all that seriously.

You are a big dreamer, and you're always thinking of new possibilities. However, you sometimes tend to have unrealistic expectations.

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  1. Princess is a blue bug:
    Charming and friendly person, very outgoing, have great ideas, but have trouble with following through, expressive and extremely honest, always let people know where you stand, seek to be understood and to understand others, big on communication.

  2. i am a BLUE bug!!

    I am a charming and friendly person. I am very outgoing to everyone I meet. I can be a little flaky at times. I have great ideas, but I have trouble with following through. I am expressive and extremely honest. I always let people know where I stand. I seek to be understood and to understand others. I am big on communication.

  3. Red! :) Though when I lived in SA, I had an electric cobalt blue bug.

  4. as expected. i am red :))))

  5. am a yellow bug :)

    You are a sunny and optimistic person. You always have at least one thing to be happy about.
    Your energy level is constantly high. You bounce back well from adversity.

    You love to talk and are extremely witty. You especially like talking about yourself.
    You can be a bit selfish and self-interested at times. You put yourself first.

  6. Oh I am a blue bug too! Not sure if it describes me perfectly but I love the colour blue haha!