Saturday, March 7, 2020

Spitting at the rakyat’s face

Here's an article written by Manjit Bhatia in relation to the recent event of the new government.

He starts with, "Malaysia’s people have been kicked in the groin."

Read on:

Installing Muhyiddin Yassin’s so-called Perikatan Nasional (PN) through the backdoor as the “new government” is majorly troubling in anybody’s book. Not in Muhyiddin’s, it seems, or his backers’.

To back Muhyiddin’s government is to back an illegitimacy.

PN hasn’t won the popular mandate through open and fair elections. It doesn’t enjoy voter legitimacy. Therefore, it has neither the business nor the right to rule.

To carry on would be a gross travesty of justice perpetrated on the people of Malaysia.

Effectively, PN and its backers have spat in the faces of, to use an ancient Roman political term, the publics.

Yet again the people of Malaysia have been taken for granted.

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