Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Postcards from America

If you teach U.S. geography, or if you're an armchair traveler
who want to explore America without leaving your seat cushion--
you've come to the right place.

Or if you're a postcard or photography lover, you too have come
to the right place.

Ken, a photographer and graphic designer, photographs and creates
the Live-at-the-Scene postcards while Priscilla, a writer and
former American history teacher, writes the accompanying captions,
personal messages and trivia questions.

What began as a personal vacation is now a permanent way of life
as Ken and Priscilla continue to explore and share America with
like-minded individuals, like you and me.

Sample these which are the 2005 Photo Contest Winning Entries

Photo 1: Canadian Rockies, Alberta

Photo 2: Lake Mead, Nevada

Photo 3: Willamette Valley, Oregon

Photo 4: Pine, Idaho

And visit:


  1. Willamette Valley, Oregon! My homeland!

    And wouldn't you know it; the picture is of wine grapes! Oregon pinot noir! All right!!!

    (Frankly, I'm glad they didn't show any of the phony, tax write-off "Christmas tree farms"...though a lot of Christmas tree farms there are legitimate.)

    Those are some nice pics! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Seriously, we need "Postcards from Malaysia". Not to say that postcard that we have now sucks, but we can better. And more variaty, please! We have more than just twin towers, Redang, Melaka, etc. For a start we have hundreds of small town, new village, kampung...How about map postcard? Or state flag, even?

    I already fed up with our stamps. It's a shame that I couldn't provide more exotic stamps to my fellow postcrosser. And...

    Well I think I need a post for this, haha!!! Cheers!!! :)))

  3. The rockies and lake. Captivating! The grapes! Oh!

  4. Have u read 'Charles Kuralt's America'?
    A not-so-recent but good read on his choice of places in north america to visit in their best season.

  5. wah, so beautiful...

    I like to see postcard.. and enjoy the deception that postcard brings..

    I used to have a postcard of the Alps in Switzerland in front of me.. and when I am stressed , I would imagine I am there.. but after I have been to the Alps, I came back and the first thing is to take it down!!!!

  6. MM, glad you like the pictures.
    I remember coming across it in your blog not once but on two occasions that you're from Oregon and I was actually thinking of you when I saw the postcard.

    Low, somebody's mind is working overtime...

    Agus, nice yeah?

    FH2o, not yet but I'm sure it'd be a great guide. Thanks for sharing.

    Robin, you probably didn't go to the exact same spot as on that postcard. ;) I like your use of 'deception'. haha.

  7. these are nice pics!

  8. Nice post cards. I'll have to send you a pic I took in the Colorado Rockies many years ago. It is so beautiful there it would "knock your socks off".

    I think we all a know some bloggers who could offer up some great pics for Malaysian post cards.

  9. Hi Jellyfish, I thought so too.

    Pandabonium, I think we all a know some bloggers who could offer up some great pics for Malaysian post cards. - my exact sentiments and I hope they'll take the cue.

  10. Splendid splendid indeed!

    Thanks so much for sharing the link - not only appeasing visually, but also helpful for amateur photographers like me.


  11. Furkids, hi! Yeah, I love the pictures here too. You have some very nice pictures yourselves.