Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Card for a Friend

Went shopping for a card yesterday. It's for an academic achievement.
Thought this one's pretty cool. Carries a good message too.
Love the colours. Did I ever mention that I love colours?
Probably that explains why I'm attracted to flowers.

Just check out the last quote: Winners celebrate the little victories

Great advice this one because most times we're too caught up with
merely existing and not really living that we don't pay enough attention
to celebrating the small victories.

Take a break. Take time out to love yourself, I tell my friends.
Shouldn't we all?


  1. So, card.

    You probably know that I'll ask this: Where you get the card? :p

    What you don't expect me to ask: Do you mind send me one, too? :)))

    We need some SMALL surprise too, right? lol

  2. wonderful card, wonderful colors! thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice Choice: Nice colours and Graphics ... but they missed out on one important line -
    "Winners Go Kayaking!"

    Hmmm should print one out for my bumper sticker! :)

  4. winners go kayaking?
    thats a new one

  5. Hi Low, got it from MPH but not many left. I saw several others checking out the card after I picked it up.

    I'm blur - are you serious about your request? I'm sure we can work something out.

    Hi Bonnie, I thought so too.

    FH2o, "Winners go kayaking!"?
    No, too biased. How about
    "Winners are Bloggers!"

    Hi Jellyfish.

  6. Hmmm.. we can start our own card too..

    "Winners are Bloggers!"
    "Winners go kayaking!"
    "Winners love dogs!"
    "Winners eat jellyfish?"

  7. Robin, haha..... Nice thought. Anyone else to continue?

  8. Winners are happy even when they don't win.

  9. Winners are just like losers only luckier.

  10. Pandabonium, MM, haha..good ones. Let's take a look at what we've got so far.

    Winners are Bloggers
    Winners go kayaking
    Winners love dogs
    Winners eat jellyfish?
    Winners are happy even when they don't win
    Winners are just like losers only luckier

    Anymore anyone?

  11. Winners expect to lose.
    Winners understanding losing.