Sunday, February 5, 2006

A Meme - Perfect Partner

I was secretly gloating about not being tagged with a meme
so far but the bubble has burst, just before CNY. Talk about
a big 'angpow'. Gloating is nipped in the bud, thanks to

The deal:
The tagged 'victim' (so apt!!) has to come up with 8 different
points that they'd like in their perfect partner, mentioning
the sex of the target.

Then, tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their
comments box saying they've been tagged. If tagged the second time,
there's no need to post again.

Hmmmm....A perfect partner? How many of us have seriously thought
about it enough to draw up a list of traits? Perhaps it's about time?
But then again, if life is lived governed by lists, would life be any fun?
Anyway, here's my homework as below - have been sitting on it for far too
long so might as well get it over with and get on with life.

Target of My Perfect Partner: Male, please.
My Perfect-Partner:
(In no particular order)

1. A good person - kind, caring, warm, .......
2. Funny and cute - able to make me laugh, fun to be with
3. Emotionally mature - pillar of strength
4. Honest and be able to speak his mind
5. Confident (without being obnoxious)
6. Adventurous and enjoys life
7. Reasonably intelligent
8. Love me like crazy (becoz I know I would him)

There you have it.
My conclusion: Memes are not fun to do (too stressful) so I will not
have anyone go thru it unless of course you'd like to share what
you've got.

Oh btw, I will not do another meme. So, anyone who tags me will
have to expect no response, please. Thank you.


  1. Sometime, i thought you girls, well or guys, or anyone in between - - are looking for a, uh, PET. Or PETS.

    Let's start with making new friends, shall we? :)))

  2. oh...
    so these are the points...

  3. Sorry! I thought you would think this was fun! I found it harder than it seemed at first glance, that's why I went on about a piece of furniture for so long.

    Actually the funny thing was that when my friend Larry pointed out in a comment that I'd described him & another friend of mine - I was thinking about that & I think I came to the conclusion that my list was basically not just a perfect-partner list, it was more a list of qualities I like in people in general & every friend I have can be described with a couple of those. What makes me start looking at someone with the thought "Hm, now it might be nice if..." -- that, I'm not sure I can even put my finger on, beyond that he has to be straight, male, and unnattached.

    Promise no more tags!

  4. hmmmm...sounds so like me....=D

  5. wah... are u hoping to get such a person as 100% or if the person is 20%, is he good enough?

    hmmm... tough question.. may be if u have only one condition, you would have been married and have tons of kids by now~

    Good luck, may true love comes soon!

  6. Haha...i used to wonder why I never get to do 'meme' until I got tagged once. I never got to complete it. (Sorry tagger). And I wonder no more.

  7. Lots guys like that out there. But you need to find the one who is like fine wine instead of fruit.

    Wine gets better with age. Fruit sours.

    How to find out which in the beginning? There's the problem.

  8. Poor bonnie, I think happy was making a friendly statement, so don't worry! :p

    Hmm, robin, are you saying only married man can be as perfect? :) Oh true love will come, felt that! ;)

    Interesting fruit and wine theory, pandabonium. Sometime even the both parties do not know for sure if it is fruit or wine. And for someone is wine for some others? Huh! Better stop talking before i feel headache... :)

  9. What if a guy is like improperly aged wine, i.e. he turns to vinegar (REALLY SOUR)? What if he's like dandelion wine, i.e. he's sour to begin with? What if he's more like a full-bodied red wine and winds up getting bitter with age? What if he's like champagne, starting out bubbly but quickly going flat once you've opened him up? What if he's like a rare, $500-a-bottle wine that you just put away in a closet and never touch (though you do brag about it a lot)? What if he's like a cheap white wine, i.e. sugary sweet but gives you a headache?

    What if Happy doesn't even like wine?

    Sorry...I just felt like asking.

  10. Oh-my, I just turned away for a moment and all these interesting and thought-provoking perspectives. Thank you - sorry I couldn't get back sooner.

    Poor Low, all that pet-talk was getting him down. You're so right about both parties not knowing whether it's fruit or wine. haha......

    Hi, Jellyfish.

    Hey Bonnie, no problem. No need to apologise. Low's right. (Thanks, Low.) I must admit it has some element of fun too, plus this exercise offered some soul-searching which isn't bad at all.

    Talk about friends and the qualities I like in them is non-existent to me as I don't believe in choosing friends. I just make friends regardless of their qualities. If I find them nice we stay friends but if they're not, then I can just walk away. On the other hand, choosing a life-partner is an entirely different story. I'm old-fashioned in this respect. I believe in "till death do us part". Yep, straight, male and unattached is a good start.

    Hi Winn, so now there are two of us in the world. Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Robin,
    wah... are u hoping to get such a person as 100% or if the person is 20%, is he good enough?

    Don't sound so serious la. In answer to yr question, IF, the perfect partner is on mail-order than I would request for 100% to be programmed into the merchandise, but reality check does not permit a full score. You know, if point #8 is fulfilled, I suppose everything else will fall into place as in the rest don't matter so much. What do you think?

    may be if u have only one condition, you would have been married and have tons of kids by now~

    Conditions? I wouldn't put it that way, Robin. I'm sure people get together because they're attracted to each other and not based on the conditions that both or either put up.
    Thank you for the wish.

    Agus, now you know. Wanna try this meme?

    Dear Pandabonium, you are so wise.

    Well, look who we have here, a wine connoisseur. Say, that's a very interesting analysis you've got there, MM. You make me laugh.

    Oh dear, so many different types.
    Scary in a way. Oh well, come what may. Psst...I like wine alright.

    Thank you all for your concern and insight. It has made the journey more enlightening and enjoyable. :)

  11. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Some meme(s) are good ... some are boring ... but mostly ... they are just boring ... sigh ... sienz hor?

  12. Hi louyau, ya lor, very sien! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  13. I had been 'tagged with a meme' by bonnie too n trying to ignore it so far! I dont find it stressful to do but eeerr, perhaps a little juvenile? U've got it over n done with but i'm still pondering ... so meanwhile i'll keep paddling lor!

  14. Moody, by the time we get through with your questions, we are too drunk to care - I hope. hicup.

  15. Hi Pandabonium, haha..... But whatever, MM does have a valid point there.

    MM, thanks again for sharing your clever analysis. Still makes me chuckle just thinking about it.