Monday, May 19, 2008

Where Pigeons Gather

Here in Malaysia, it is not uncommon to see man-made pigeon lofts or homes in the backyard. But this is only found in homes in the suburbs or in the less concrete-jungle part of town. In Malaysia, pigeons are reared sometimes for their meat but oftentimes just as a hobby. In Hong Kong, grilled pigeons are a delicacy.

Last week, I was surprised to see pigeons homing in at a parking lot one morning. Of course, it wasn't like the number found in Paris or New York parks but enough to cause a stir. A young man was scattering seeds and the birds were there to get their share. I thought that's a pretty awesome sight of someone feeding the birds. Delightful to watch.

Over here, the pigeon population is not large enough to warrant any ban on feeding them unlike in Trafalgar Square where you can be slapped with a 50 pound fine, while in New York, there is a proposal for a $1,000 fine for feeding the winged creatures. Talk about feeding, time to grab a bite.


  1. And in St Mark's Square in Venice! Pigeon shit all over the place!!! LOL.

  2. Oh? I'd rather be stepping on it than having it rained on me! Eww!! lol

  3. Near my house, there is a mamak store whose staffs regularly feed the pigeons.

  4. They are potential carriers of bird flu.

  5. its nice if they are not near our homes..

    talking bout food, there is the burung puyuh - usually fried.. its not the same rite haha :)

  6. KS, if I have pigeons around me, I'd feed them too. Pigeons than crows for me, anytime. Pigeons are more pleasant to the eye. I know, I'm biased.

    Joe, so true and to think that bird droppings are used in Chinese medicine.

    QC, quails eggs are nice. Everything in moderation - reminding myself.