Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lucky Colours for 2014

Today is the 6th day of Chinese New Year and some of us are already back at work, me included. Hopefully we've picked the auspicious day to start the year right in this new Year of the Horse, the Wood Horse, that is.

Being a year with more wood element this year, thus a Wood Horse year, according to Feng Shui, some colours may be better than others to enhance our luck or personal well-being.

In 2014, being the year of the Wood Horse, the most influential colour is green, said feng shui expert Kenny Hoo.

We can reap the benefits of using colours. To create good qi, Hoo said, wear green clothes or use products that are green in colour. It is also a good colour for your house or product packaging or branding.

Check out what he says about Lucky shades

Individuals born from Feb 4 to May 4 should use more Metal and Earth colours like white and silver, yellow and brown.

For those whose birthdays fall between May 5 and Aug 7, use more blue to enhance your qi.

Those born between Aug 8 and Nov 7 should incorporate more green.

These individuals are very lucky this year because the Wood element is very strong.

“When the Wood Horse year takes effect from Feb 4, you will feel energised. Everything will fall into place. Even money will come your way easily,”

The lucky colour for those born from Nov 8 to Feb 3 is red.

Being a Feng Shui ambassador for Dulux Malaysia, Hoo also has tips on Ideal hues for the different sectors of the home in his Colour yourself lucky article in The Star, if you are interested.


  1. so I should wear more green..

  2. Ooh.. I must wear more red! : )

  3. Green green grass of home for Bananaz..

  4. There seems to be a 'clash' from among fengshui masters for choosing the hor-seh day for 'Open work'. Some said CNY V, some prefer CNY VIII.

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  6. I read many posts on Chinese new year but I never came across these colour code :D
    Guess green is lucky for me then :D I even have little green in my site :p

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