Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Frolics - What Denim Wash Are You?

Hi! It's Friday again, how time flies, when we are having a good time(?) :p

Let's do a quiz about jeans this week, shall we, specifically denim wash jeans, and let the choices we make in our answers reveal some truths or untruths about us.

Happy Friday, everyone! Some of us are still in Chinese New Year mood today being just the 8th day of the festival - still a lot of wining and dining lined up with friends and family.

Tonight is a big night for Chinese of the Fujian/Hokkien dialect when they make lavish offerings to the Jade Emperor on the occasion of his birthday the following day. You can read here more about the Chinese New Year 8th Day.

But first, the denim wash jeans quiz. Enjoy!

You Are a Dark Wash

You are very stylish and put together. You never look sloppy, even if you're wearing jeans.

You are polished in all aspects in your life. You like to put forth a little more effort in order to make things perfect.

You are a bit of a minimalist. You don't have a lot of room for clutter in your life; you focus on what matters.

You are a big believer in quality. You are always willing to spend more time and money to save money and time later.

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  1. HappySurfer gimme 5 sama sama 'Dark Wash'. Happy happy pai tikong tonite po pi peng aun peng aun.

    1. Yeh! Dark wash! Tai keh po pi peng peng aun aun, soon soon li li. haha.. we do sound so ahchik and ahchim.. :O

      Hope the firecrackers didn't keep you up all night.

  2. hey, HappySurfer and இℬaŋäŋaƶஇ both gimme 5 sama sama 'Dark Wash'.. we are all stylish, hahaha!!

    1. Yeah, what form! Nothing but the best! :p

  3. Slept so well juz after midnite regardless of all the ping ping piang piang haha.

  4. Hai, I forgot to wish you Happy Chinese New Year 8 days earlier :o). Not much atmosphere here, usual day. Althought the local council did organise a parada like every other year.

  5. Mine says You Are a Faded Wash

    You are a total bohemian when it comes to your lifestyle. You are definitely on a different path.
    You love alternative ideas, products, and people - and it's not just a passing phase for you. You are truly unique.

    Your style is carefree and expressive. You are too laid back to care about fashion, but you do like to personalize what you wear.
    You have an artistic sensibility that influences your fashion choices, but you never look like you try too hard!

  6. Happy Chap Goh Mai and Happy Valentine Day, HS