Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Frolics - What African Animal Are You?

As promised earlier, here is this week's Personality Quiz. Find out what African Animal are you and what it says about you.

Happy Friday! Again, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Meh! Gong Xi, Gong Xi as you gallop smoothly and courageously into the Year of the Horse!

You Are a Giraffe

You are down to earth and realistic. You are able to see far off into the horizon.

You bring a lot of perspective to other's lives. You are never too myopic.

You are honest to a fault. You tend to tell it how it is, even if someone isn't ready to hear it.

You are very down to earth and practical. You prioritize what matters in your life, and you don't waste your time.

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  1. spot on!! i am also a giraffe!! hahaha.. we are down to earth, practical and realistic, but is a giraffe so?? :p

  2. Don't know leh, fellow-giraffe, but I know a giraffe is tall and looks elegant - no need for high heels.

  3. Well of course I had to do this one, but it kinda doesn't work. "If you went to Africa, it would be to ... "


    Anyway I'm a zebra. I knew that! :)

    1. Right, so you are one answer less. So, what's a zebra, all good I'm sure. :D

  4. What?! I am a Zebra? I thought I'm a Panda! Oh! Yeah, just forgot there's no pandas in Africa :D

    1. Another zebra to make it two here. Talk about panda, I'm looking forward to the pair that's coming to our National Zoo this year - mid-year, I think.

  5. Mine says

    You Are a Lion

    You are radiant and energetic. You have a strong sense of intuition, and you use it.
    You have strength, but you prefer not to use it. You avoid confrontations.

    You are good at getting what you want in life. You are full of stealthy moves.
    You are deeply creative and imaginative. Whenever you feel stuck, you immediately try another course of action.