Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Frolics - The Beach Postcard Test

This is going to be a slightly longer weekend to celebrate Hari Raya Haji which falls on Sunday thus Monday is a replacement holiday.

A Beach Vacation personality quiz would be most apt this week.

Happy holiday to everyone!

Your Ideal Beach Vacation Is Cozy

Your idea of a day at the beach is one that feels as natural and as homey as possible.

You dream of living at the beach, and even if you can't live there permanently, you'd like to be there a while.

Your dream beach getaway would place you right on the beach with your own private quarters.

You'd love to wake up to a beach sunrise and wind down with a beach sunset. And listen to the ocean crashing as you sleep.

For you, the beach is a place to get warm and sleepy. Once you get comfortable, you never want to leave.

More than any type, you belong on the coast permanently. If it isn't already, then it should be your home.

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  1. Ideal Beach Vacation is Contemplative for Bananaz..tQ HS Happy cozy holidays

  2. I chose the snorkels and it says my ideal vacation is ACTIVE!!

    My idea of a day at the beach is not that typical. Laying around in the sun isn't really for me. I'd like to stay active - swimming, surfing, and snorkeling sound a lot more my style. My dream beach getaway would be somewhere exotic and off the beaten path. I'd like to do some exploring. I'd like chances to check out both nature and local culture. I don't want the typical touristy coast experience. For me, the beach is where I have the most fun. I just want to get in the ocean and start swimming. More than any other type, I don't waste any time at the beach. I pack in as much excitement as possible.

  3. Mine same as yours - Cozy.. Happy weekend ♡