Thursday, October 15, 2009

Siesta Time

We think nothing of having a stray cat or a dog resting in our backyard or fore-court. Snakes and other reptiles are a different story, however. But what about having a hippo taking a siesta in your home? That's not a hippo, you think?

I saw this cute picture on evl's site so I thought I'd borrow it to share with you. Evl being in South Africa, I suppose this photo must have been one taken there.

Maybe Mr or Ms Cutie is someone's pet. Eh? I wonder what's the cat thinking..

Have you had any experience of a stray animal visiting your home?


  1. Only pests enter my house. =(

    btw, the hippo's cute

  2. Nope! Not that I can recall! Haha :D And certainly no hippo.

  3. LOL! I think hippos are not as intimidating as rhinoceroses. hor?

    T, that could be a good thing. No?

  4. Sweet. As long as I don't have to feed it.

  5. oh look!! it's Gloria on the sofa!! hahaha :D

  6. wah~~
    tat hippo is so hugeeeeee

  7. Wow! Such a huge hippo! Nice to cuddle up for a good snooze on a cold rainy day! Haha!

    But no, no such hippos ever visited my home : )