Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kudos to You if You Are in Sales

I've always marvelled at people who are in the sales line and doing a great job at it. I have a girlfriend who is selling life insurance. She has been at it for years now but is only doing it part-time though she is doing very well meeting her quota annually and going on a twice yearly vacation overseas too, I might add.

I suppose if she were to have access to life insurance leads, she would be doing much better.

Are you in the sales line too? What do you sell?


  1. Everyone does sales or marketing in some way.

    I don't do sales directly, but I have some experiences in the past.

  2. I had some experience too. :D Yeah! Sales is not easy at all.

  3. Shingo, right you are but not for a living or is it? hmm.. invisible line here.

    Tekkaus, I agree.