Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize 2009

Prizes for the Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize 2009 were presented to the winners in Stockholm last Thursday.

Journalist Chin Mui Yoon made The Star proud by clinching the third prize for the Asia and Pacific region for her story Living With Bombs, which was published in StarMag on Nov 30 last year.

Winning this prestigious Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize makes The Star the first Malaysian newspaper to win at the prestigious awards organised by the European Commission in association with Reporters Without Borders and the World Association of Newspapers.

The Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize was created in 1992 by the European Commission to honour written press, radio and television journalists from all over the world committed to human rights, democracy and development.

It is named after Lorenzo Natali, a former vice-president of the European Commission, who was in charge of cooperation and development between 1985 and 1989.

The first prize for the Asia and Pacific region went to South China Morning Post reporter, Fiona Tam, for her article Deadly Harvest, documenting China’s black corpses market; while Massoud Ansari of the Herald, Pakistan, picked up the second prize for The Ticking Bomb on the assault of girls in his country.

The best: Muhammad Yunus (third from left) posing for a group photo with (from left) Tam, Chin and Massoud Ansari in Stockholm on Thursday.
Nobel Prize 2006 laureate, Muhammad Yunus, gave away prizes.

The Lorenzo Natali Grand Prize went to Chinese journalist, Lee Yee Chong, for his television documentary for Now TV news channel on the deadly earthquake in Sichuan on May 12 last year which claimed 50,000 lives.

Relatives of victims maintained that the huge death toll was due to bad quality constructions. Yee-Chong Lee and his camera crew headed back to the epicentre to investigate the latest development in the issue of substandard construction. While the Chinese government denies any responsibility, relatives of the victims are trying to make their voices heard. Watch the video below for the story..

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  1. Congrates to the Chinese Journalist. :D

  2. When will I win a prize for what I wrote? Hehe. Start to dream to early.

  3. Chinese journalist Lu Guangjin recently won the W.Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for documenting pollution in China. Try search for his photos.

  4. Tekkaus, yeah, kudos indeed!

    Hey, Superman, nothing is impossible. Keep at it!

    KS, thanks for the link. Lu Guanglin's photos are awesome and they certainly created awareness and improvement for his country, China. For readers if you're interested, some of his photos can be found here.