Thursday, October 8, 2009

Buying Term Life Insurance Online

When it comes to technology, we are still lagging behind the West. Take buying insurance, for instance, just filling in a simple form, someone in the United States is able to get comparison quotes for a term life insurance or auto insurance.

FinancialOne.Com makes buying term life insurance online simple and easy. Their goal is to empower and educate consumers about term life insurance and then assist them in choosing the most appropriate life insurance policy that meets their needs.

You can tell theirs is not a lead generation site as you are able to contact them on their toll-free number for customer support and secondly, they provide real-time quotes.

If Malaysia is as large in size as the U.S. or as advanced in technology, perhaps we too would be buying term life insurance online.


  1. But I thing it is better to buy our insurance through trusted agents. :p

  2. We do have online comparison here as well. Online forms, and payment etc.

    But if you call up the insurer and ask for further discount, they will normal discount things for you. Where as the computer can't do that unfortunately.

  3. Not sure how can they get those work. Really everything online now.

  4. i think we do have the technology, just that they have not been implemented, most of the time the clients are more conservative and less forward thinking, hence makes our services rather behind..

  5. Tekkaus, ideally yes, like what we are used to. Times are changing and shopping online is a norm in the West. It's just that we are lagging behind being Third World..

    Ai Shiang, I'm not surprised Australia, being First World, is on this. Yeah, nothing beats personal attention.

  6. Superman, yes, shopping online is part and parcel of life in the West now. In time to come, we will be too though I don't see it coming so soon.

    SK, I think you hit the nail on the head. Our society is still not as advanced as those of the West. In time to come, I believe..