Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Experience with a Hacked Account

Most of us have at least two email accounts, one at work, the other a personal account. The other day, a girlfriend found that she was locked out of her Gmail account. Apparently, someone hacked into her account.

To make matters worse, that someone sent out an email in her name asking for financial assistance. All of us who are close to her found the email strange. We later received an SMS from her informing us of the real situation.

Considering how advanced technology has become and more people being IT-savvy, we really do need an antispyware software that is capable of removing all manner of spyware and malware from our computers.


  1. this is really scary.. that's why, once you are hooked onto the net, you are bound to all the risks..

  2. Yeah! Actually nothing is safe right? So we gotta be careful with our virtual presence. :(

  3. I had my credit card information stolen two weeks ago. I only use the card online. Fortunately, they only got the card number and some other details, so the card company would not approve the attempted purchase because some of the info the thief provided did not match my own.

    I have a new card now, but I'll have to be doubly careful to use it only with trusted companies.

  4. SK, you should know, I guess.

    Tekkaus, I agree. We have to be extra careful.

    Aww, sorry to hear that, PandaB. At one time, some five/six years ago, credit card theft here was way too often. It even happened in 5-star hotels! These days, card-issuers (banks mostly) have wisen up and are very thorough in monitoring security to the point of calling cardholder if too many transactions are done continuously within a short span of time. I've had such calls. A bit bothersome but goes a long way to ensure card security. Also, credit cards here can only be used once a day (within 24 hours) for gasoline.

  5. Scary! Sometimes I wonder if it's really safe to do transactions online.

  6. Foong, unfortunately, this is an inevitable hazard of card transactions. Like PandaB said, we just have to be doubly careful to use it only with trusted companies.