Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time well-spent at Kindergarten Concert

I watched a kindergarten concert at a shopping mall the other day quite by accident and I might add that I was pleasantly entertained by the very little ones. With their colorful and pretty costumes, they all look simply adorable.

I wonder if its adhd in children that makes them talk and jump about non-stop or are all children naturally energetic. It was an hour well-spent, I should say.

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  1. it really depends, but i guess for most of the kids once they get into the condition, they will be come "hyperactive" sometimes you can't even bear with them.. hahaha!!

  2. haha... I know the feeling..

  3. Interestingly, most people view other people's kids as little angels, and their own kids as little demons. =p

  4. Shingo, on the contrary, I know some people who think the world of their own. Interesting world we live in.