Sunday, October 4, 2009

Floating Prayer Mat in Permatang Pauh, Penang

Yesterday, the Star reported about a floating prayer mat.

Magic act: Residents looking curiously at the floating prayer mat shaped like a woman performing prayers at Mohamad Shuhaimi's house in Permatang Pauh, Penang.

This is the second time this sort of incident has been reported. The first time was several months ago in another part of the country.

Stay tuned for updates.


  1. hi happysurfer!

    i've been watching Magic Secrets Revealed on AXN & i'm sure there a plausible reason for this.

    magic? nah...

  2. Hmmm...nothing fancy about it! Just a bunch of people trying to make a ruckus out of it! So lame! :p

  3. Really? I have to watch it live to believe it! If magicians can create illusions, then this can be an illusion too : )

  4. Hi Doc, I've watched this show too. Probably, that's why I don't enjoy watching magic shows.

    I too am sure there is a plausible reason for this. We shall see..

    Tekkaus, let's just be patient and wait for the truth.

    Foong, no idea what's this as the article is not detail enough.