Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dow’s Rally hit above 10,000 Points

Even though the Dow is some 4,000 points off its record high, hitting 10,000 points on Wednesday has caused an impact in Asian markets and markets elsewhere. KLSE recorded a double-digit gain yesterday though it's in the red a little today. Japan’s Nikkei index rose more than 2 percent after the opening before sliding back some.

Picture below shows Specialists Michael Scavone, left, and Michael Sollitto reacted as the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 10,000 on Wednesday for the first time in over a year.

If the share market is not for you, perhaps investing in gold would be another option; some say a better and probably a safer bet. Currently, gold price is hovering at around $1065 an ounce.

Source: NY Times


  1. Just back from reading my regular stocks forum. This is the time when everyone at the stock market is happy, regardless of which stocks they hold. ^_^

    Now the question is, is it sustainable, or are we in for another sucker's rally?

  2. Manage to grab some last week for this week gains? Everything is going up now as the Christmas is nearing. But do remember what goes up will come down...
    Many rush to gold as gold is more valauble than any other things when the time is bad. But this time, gold and Dow is up so much. Not a very usual sign...
    Bigger risk = bigger profit!

  3. everyone in the stock market is happy with this. :) A cause for celebration? :p

  4. Shingo, caution is still the word. I think people are still wary of Oct 19.

    Superman, good for you! Yeah, bigger risk = bigger profit.

    Tekkaus, mostly happy, yes.

  5. funny funny funny, plain funny, gold up and dow up as well,,,,

    Are we really seeing the economy coming out from the doom? i really dont know,,,, and i am not too optimistic as well.

    share with me if you had managed to go for a kill in the stock market?

  6. The phrase "Dead Cat Bounce" comes to mind. Real unemployment at 17% in the USA and tens of trillion of new debt.

    I'll take the gold thanks. Not as an "investment", it isn't, but as a way to preserve the value of my savings.

  7. Eugene, yes, better to be cautious.

    PandaB, the debt is worrisome, eh?

    Gold as a way to preserve the value of savings is wise. You'd be the one to have the last laugh.