Sunday, October 25, 2009

Man Poured Acid on Wife and Daughter

Human nature is unpredictable, scary even. Did you read about the man who poured acid onto his sleeping wife and daughter in Penang?

Though the wife has been badly burned, she will not need any help with disability appeal because she succumbed to her injury ten hours later after going into a coma.

The daughter may lose her eyesight. It is still unknown why the man did what he did. So sad.

Image source: The Star


  1. Real man don't do violence.
    Shame on him.

  2. I thing he is sick. ould he be posessed. :(

  3. Shingo, violence begets violence; death in this case. Sorry state of affairs..

    Tekkaus, you've given him an idea there. He probably would plead insanity?