Friday, October 30, 2009

Installing a New Garage Floor

It doesn't concern me directly but besides neighbours moving in (versus moving out) that makes me happy, neighbours doing renovation or remodelling of their property gives me that happy feeling too. Weird, huh?

A neighbour down the road is doing something new to their garage. They are having a new garage floor installed and I can think of only good reasons. It would be cool if the garage looks something like in the picture.


  1. hahaha, your neighbours garage something like the photo?? well, maybe just in your dreams :p

  2. LOL! I don't know how it will turn out but you never know because these mats can be installed in home garage floors too. At least, it will be an improvement over what he had, I'm sure.

  3. Wow, you must lived in an expensive estate.

    Most family's home in Johor doesn't have any garage. We gotta park outside the house.

  4. We don't even have a garage! LOL :D Well....I have but there's no need to have a flooring.

  5. Anonymous9:48 PM

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  6. It looks beautiful. I have a RaceDeck floor and I love it. Enjoy!