Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warehouse Book Sale & Floating Bookshop

Head on over to the Pearson & Penguin books warehouse sale, which will be on until Oct 11, at Pearson Malaysia, Lot 2, Jalan 215, Off Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya, between 10am and 7pm. Many good books are available at great discounts.

While we are on the subject of books, here's your chance to visit a Floating library docked at the Pasir Gudang Ferry Terminal in Johor Bahru. Hurry, today is their last day there before the MV Doulos, the international floating bookshop, moves on to another port.

You can find many types of books inside the world’s oldest ocean-going passenger ship. It is open between 2pm and 10pm. Entrance fee is RM1. For more information, contact 016-7204773 or log on to


  1. haha, at first i thot the floating library is something like the floating market in thailand, where you take sampan around along the river.. but isn't that a great idea also??

  2. hi..i have to this MV Doulos in singapore.. it was in vivo city last december.. the other day i read from a blogger that there was a grand sale in payless books.. they were really cheap... i miss that.. they didnt come to IPOH...

    btw, i came from

  3. I heard about this sale too. :p

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I last visited the MV Doulos when I was a schooling kid. Can't remember much about the selection of books but I believe they should have something that would appeal to everyone.

  5. SK, LOL! That'll be a great idea on a river market, I'm sure. I wonder if there's one in Bangkok.

    Hi Reanaclaire. I didn't know Payless books are not yet in Ipoh. That gives you reason enough to visit KL more, eh? Their books are normally cheaper than those in the other bookstores.

    I haven't visited this floating library/bookstore yet. Hope it was worth your while when you visited it in Sgp.

  6. Tekkaus, yeah, it was in the papers.

    Mei Teng, I didn't know they've been here so much earlier. That must have been a fun visit for you.