Monday, October 12, 2009

The Big Bibik and the Little Nyonyas - Video Webisodes

Many of us love Peranakan or commonly-known as Nyonya food. Unfortunately, there are not many restaurants that serve this type of delicious fare.

Fret not, as you can now cook some of the dishes at home yourself with the how-to's and recipes provided by QuaChee on his blog. Let The BIG Bibik and the Little Nyonyas webisodes show you how to cook up some yummy Nyonya food.

There are 10 webisodes in all, below are five that have been shown so far. Watch out for the rest either on QuaChee's blog or on the Bookmarqc blog.


Episode 1 - The Big Bibik and the Little Nyonyas

Episode 2 - Cincalok Egg Omelette

Episode 3 - Choosing the right blue ginger

Episode 4 - Ayam Pong Teh

Episode 5 - Sambal Bendeh


  1. You blogged about this too! I think QuaChee must belanja you already! Haha! : )

  2. I wanna blog about this too. Hahaha :D So that Quachee can belanja me. :p

  3. hi happysurfer, many thanks for blogging bout this episodes!

    btw, just a note - we have 8 episodes, not 10.

    oh ya tekkaus, we should have a meet up lah - then can treat all at once - seriously :)

  4. Foong, no big deal lah. We are here for each other, right? :p

    Tekkaus, why not, eh?

    QC, no problem, you are welcome! Thanks for the correction. Oops! I must have misread it wrongly.

    Trust that your ventures are all going as well as expected.